fashionable shell necklace is the place to be for fine, artistic and highly fashionable jewelry. Fashion jewelry that are of export quality and goes in hand with anything you're wearing from Stylish gowns for weddings and special occassions to your casual clothes that you were to go to malls.

Our earrings are made from high quality shells that are hand picked to give you value for your money. Dangling shell earrings and dazzling troca shells that reflect light are sure must-haves for any collection. Our blacklip and brownlip based earrings are sure to match anything you wear.

Our necklaces are sure to please anyone. Each design is meant for a specific type, from the trendy teenagers to the sophisticated working woman. Wearing one of our necklace will surely bring out a lovelier you.

CEBUEXPORTS.COM is the e-commerce site of Manny-Lyn Tradeways,s Inc. Established in May of 2007 as a startup, sells export quality, ready to wear products ranging from shell earrings and necklace, to other shells based handicraft items and fashion jewelry. We are always adding new products to out product line, innovating designs that goes with fashion trends and fads. Other products might also be added that venture like clothes wear and other types of accessories so stay hooked to the site.

The sites pages doesn't only contain jewelries, but also contains other useful information. For information on the shells that are used in our products, see the All About Shells Section. This contain the scientific names, details, images, and other information regarding that particular shell.
For information on how to make our product, see our making the product page. This contains the basic steps, which includes some hints on the materials, and the proper handling of the shells. Shells are quite difficult to work with and can frustrate the novice handicraft maker.

Philippine made handicrafts are known throughout the world for their exotic and highly artistic designs, and in Cebu, we adhere to this fact. Cebu is not only known for its world class furniture but with fashion jewelry as well. We hope to make known fine artistic craftsmanship of Cebuanos.


great teardrop shop fashionable shell earrings JMF Exports started as an idea. An idea that soon blossomed into reality with hardwork and dedication.

The idea came to mind as there are only a few companies that have invested in a targeting the world market through the internet. Companies often misinterpret the complexities, and end up wasting opportunities that could generate a bigger market for them to cater. The purpose is to offset that mentality and perhaps establish a wide variety of products that will boast what the island cebu has to offer.

The company was establish in May, 2007. Founded and managed by Manuel Baricuatro Jr. to tap the vast potential market of the Internet. It all didn't start well as this is a one man job. I have to start everything from scratch. The site, the images, the writtings, every minute detail. But Through perseverance and hardwork, it all came together like one big jigsaw puzzle. The site is always a work in progress and I constantly update to give more information to service you more.

The internet has revolutionized the way the world deals with business and without exception, so does the market for handicrafts.

For more details on our products, please see our products sample here.

For information on the shells used in our products, see our All About Shells section which offers detailed description of the shells used in our product lines.

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